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By designing, manufacturing and erecting specialized steel buildings


Ability to serve changes of the construction in the final phase of erection


An innovative way of manufacturing and erecting buildings for office or housing use


Vasilas Steel Manufacturing Company operates in the steel manufacturing industry since 1980, designing, manufacturing and erecting specialized steel buildings.

Vasilas Steel Mfg Co is an awarded and successful company. Its experience, which gained through the great volume of manufactured steel buildings, is appoint it as one of the top Greek construction companies.

The proof is its clients, and some of them are between the best Greek companies, which continuing the collaboration with Vasilas all these years. This is not accidental but an outcome after a combination of factors, which very few competitors are possessing.

  • Expert scientific personnel, which award to Vasilas the ability to suggest solutions even to the most difficult construction issues arisen in each building or steel construction generally.
  • Adaptation to the architectural needs. Vasilas is collaborates with architecture firms in order to fulfill their client’s needs in every aspect of a construction.
  • In contrast with the very big and unwieldy general constructing companies, domestic or multinational, Vasilas have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each client and even to serve changes of the construction in the final phase of erection.


Vasilas Steel Mfg Co is installed in two plants in Liti and Kavalari of Thessalonica, in northern Greece. In those plants of 17000sq/m in sum are installed modern and up to date technology’s production lines with full capacity in steel structuring, even to extreme profiles. There are also installations of complex structural design with ability of manufacturing cross section of “double T” profile, which has numerous applications in the steel buildings.

There are also exists two installations of light gauge steel production in order to form “Z” structured thin walled parts with thickness of up to 3mm.


Our know-how combined with the use of the most up-to-date software allows us to provide solutions to the more complex metallic constructions with safety and minimization of the used steel.


Our company has over 40 years of experience in the construction and erection of any kind of industrial building all over Europe using innovative methods.


Our company specializes in the construction of metal houses using mixed or entirely metallic sections offering excellent anti-seismic behavior, reduced cost and fastest construction speed.


Our company has developed the method of using rigid diaphragms for seismic reinforcement of existing one-storey or multi-storey buildings that is the most reliable and less invasive.



VASILAS-STEEL BUILDING is ISO 9001 certified and is in the phase of adoption of the ELOT 1801 standard for health and safety issues, as well as EN 1090 for the certification of steel products.


With experience in the field of steel buildings, the whole process from design to the final delivery of the project, is carried out with detailed and complete control. All the materials used for the manufacture, are checked with quality certificates, which we receive from our suppliers.


One of our latest activities is the multi frame building for office or housing use. An innovative way of manufacturing and erecting of these type of buildings is applied in order to be more effective and faster the construction process. It is crucial to make a point of the excellent behavior of the steel framed buildings in case of earthquakes, something which have proved in action. We pinpoint that the above system of construction is in compliance with the Eurocode3 and the American norms.

The latest of our activities, which is patented, is the “full hot dip galvanized steel buildings”. Except the profound advantage of a hot dip galvanized steel frame, this solution is very quick and reliable and respectively economically, due to the standardization of the production process.



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